Dr. Wright is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor who can diagnose, treat, prescribe and interpret labs as a licensed primary care physician.  He graduated from a 4 year medical school and completed a one year residency under a medical doctor.   While other doctors are primarily concerned with symptom relief, Dr. Wright focuses on the cause of the problem.  He has had specialty training in integrative medicine such as homeopathy, clinical nutrition, ozone therapies, herbal medicine and pain therapies, and knows how they will react with and complement modern medicine techniques.

We are a cash-only practice.  We accept payment in full with cash, check and credit card. 

Most insurance plans will cover lab tests & blood work because the laboratories bill insurance companies directly. Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and plans can be used to pay for UVHC appointments & treatments.

First individual appointments may be made with Dr. Wright (30-90 minutes) or with Dr. Wright and Julie Davis (90 minutes) for biofeedback testing.

We routinely ship supplements nationally and internationally.  Call the office at (801) 374-5677 to place an order.